Vrijwilligers gezocht Nicaragua

We need teachers for primary and secundary school, social workers, people who can help us to make our company better, it'ers to develop our online classes, tourist guides, someone who can organise a kitchen, we want to lay out a garden,...

We zijn een breed project met vrijwilligers uit alle windrichtingen.  Je komt in een fantastische omgeving terecht waarin je jezelf kan ontplooien.  Spaans kunnen of willen leren is een must.  Onze organisatie is gesettled in Kuurne, West-Vlaanderen.

León will be your home base. This colonial city is known for its beautiful buildings and is surrounded by many volcanoes. The Cerro Negro is nearby and is the only volcano in the world that you can sandboard.
Tamarindo lies along the river and is a beautifull spot with little waterfalls and lots of birds and fishes. Only 6 km from the sea in a wonderfull delta!

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Einddatum: 31/12/2019

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